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Our mission is your mission: To succeed. To grow. To conquer. To make a profit and make a difference while doing it. We cherish entrepreneurship, marvel at innovative ideas, and exist to help entrepreneurs thrive. Elevate Growth Consulting Group builds enduring brands and accelerates growth for companies seeking to grow, scale, and expand. From early-stage startups to late-stage unicorns, neighborhood shops to big small businesses, and middle-market to enterprise, we bridge the gap between vision and reality. We don't stop at engineering the bridge -- we walk across it with you.
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Elevating Business

The human body is composed of 11 organ systems. These 11 systems must all function autonomously -- and collectively -- to support human life. If your respiratory system collapses, you can't breathe. If your circulatory system clogs, your heart or brain won't receive the blood it needs to function. 


The same autonomous and collective nature applies to business. We believe that each "organ system" -- or segment -- craves its own special attention. And that each segment must execute individually to support the greater whole for a business to thrive. We break down business into 6 core segments.



What are the 6 Segments?

Who We Elevate



From idea to seed, to Series A, B, C, and beyond.
Blast Off

Small - Mid-Sized Businesses

We fill in resource gaps and with entrepreneurial ideas that have enterprise scalability.
Fill in the Gaps


We hedge the downside of being big with innovative ventures that make sense under the bigger brand.
Be Innovative

Elevated Clients

We were very impressed by their performance. They exceeded our expectations and delivered everything much quicker than we ever antipicated. We are looking forward to our continued relationship and growing with Elevate!
The Aureus Group
Automotive Industry | Capital, Strategy, HR & Recruiting Services
We love working with Elevate. Their attention to detail and insight propelled our strategic planning processes and project management methods. We were much more productive and increased margins after working with Elevate.
JP Investment Firm
Real Estate Industry | Strategy, Operations, Project Management Services
I've been working with Kelley for over two years. I was thrilled to now work with Elevate on my business planning and marketing. The business plan was very thorough. It gave me a very strong understanding of how the company needed to be positioned, my goals, milestones, target audience, and the insight for the growth trajectory I am on.
Jill's Card Creations
Consumer Goods | Business Planning, Marketing Services

How We Elevate



We document your vision and create a roadmap to get there.


We connect your growth roadmap with the capital needed to fuel it.


Our walk matches our talk: we get in the trenches and drive tangible results.


We prepare you to grow from 1 product to 20, 5 employees to 500, and beyond.
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Elevated Expertise

understanding business

Understanding Business

You and your team have core competencies - and you excel at them. We excel at everything else. We come in, do a deep dive, and dissect your business. We assess what you're great at, and what your pain points are (the ones you're likely already aware of). We fill in the gaps, ease your pain points, and help you build your company. We don't just tell you what's wrong - we fix it so that your company can thrive. 

Increasing Revenue

No matter what your goals are, revenue is the great equalizer. The best way to grow your bottom line, is to grow your top line. The best way to expand your market share, is to expand your revenue streams. The best way to scale your community impact, is to scale your client base. From branding to strategic positioning, and sales tools to marketing tactics, we increase revenue so you can achieve your goals. 

simplifying everything

Simplifying Everything

Human resources, operations, regulatory compliance, funding, budgeting... running a business has a laundry list of obligations and complications. We simplify the complicated. Through our experience, we know how to tackle the unexpected situations that arise. We combine our (almost OCD-level) organization skills, knack for communication, and love for business education to simplify everything as you scale your business.

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